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Introducing Shelley’s Garden-Inspired Botanical Wax Melts

I’m a huge fan of wax melts, but the thought of releasing hazardous chemicals into the air always worries me especially having young grandchildren & pets, so I thought I’d create my own. I’ve been very conscious about the ingredients, carefully choosing those that are natural & environmentally friendly.
(I once lit a popular brand candle & the amount of black soot everywhere stopped me buying them again) So after weighing up my options, i’ve decided to use EcoCoco wax with carefully selected oils & I will be gradually cultivating my own botanicals (herbs & flowers for decoration) without the use of any pesticides.

Each Wax Melt Is: 
100% sustainable coconut wax
Eco friendly 
No additives
Non toxic 
Cruelty free

All Oils Are Free From:
Artificial colour
Paraben (a chemical preservative)
Silicone (plastic)
Lilial (a banned chemical perfume)
Phthalate (a chemical to soften plastic)
Acrylate (plastics)
PEG (a chemical binding agent)
Nitro & polycyclic musk (a chemical musk fragrance)

Essential oils are naturally derived from plants & are beneficial in aromatherapy & alternative medicine. 
The fragrance of essential oils can significantly boost your mood, motivation & focus. 

Although essential oils & coconut wax are naturally produced & chemical free, it’s important you carefully store your wax melts away from children & pets & check before you use them if the fragrance is suitable to be around them.

Essential oils that contain Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint & Citrus should be avoided in homes that have pets. If you do use a warmer/burner then open a window to prevent build up.
Coconut wax is generally safe for pets & has a clean burn, no soot or smoke.

I have a Pet Safe range & will always be transparent where ingredients are concerned.

To get the best out of your scented waxes, always use a burner with at least 6-7cm between the tealight & wax melt. A gentle burn will release the fragrance over time & help prevent burning off the fragrance too quickly. I always use an electric wax warmer, my fragrance lasts longer & doesn’t overpower in the early stages. 
My waxes will have top, mid, & bottom notes. To ensure you get to enjoy each ‘layer’ burn gently & leave lit or switched for at least an hour for the notes to come through.

CLP compliant & insured.

All packaging will be eco-friendly & compostable.


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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products